What We’re Doing

Nevada’s service & hospitality industries have been decimated by recent events. Driven by the need surrounding these circumstances, we have come together to provide food relief and basic needs assistance to low income and unemployed hospitality and service team members.

Where does the money & product go?

Monetary gifts and sponsorships will be used in the following ways:

  • To cover the costs of meals given out via vouchers
  • To purchase gift cards, groceries and/or basic need items

Hospitality Industry Partnerships (HIP) is a COVID-19 support initiative, we are not currently a 501(c)(3); however, our application is pending.

Your contribution or sponsorship should be considered a gift.  If you have contributed or sponsored as a business, that contribution or sponsorship could be considered a business expense and, as such, may be tax deductible.  Please contact a tax professional for more information.